Spa and special pools

We manufacture spa pools for land and marine installations. Our products are safe, high quality and designed to withstand the heavy use of public spaces.

The shape of the pools can be modified and, for example, the number of entrances can be increased if necessary.
The color can be selected, for example, from the colors of the RAL Classic color chart. If necessary, the pool can also be multi-colored.
It is possible to add various accessories to all models, such as RGB led lighting and infrared switch for bubble control.

Regularly maintained and cleaned, the pools remain and last for long periods of use.


Custom order spa pools

We have three circular hot tub designs that can be customized according to customer needs from 8 to 18 people. In addition, our product range includes other jacuzzi models, as well as a Thalasso therapy pool and a cold water pool. Pools are primarily designed for public use.

The structure of the pools is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic with a high quality gelcoat surface. If necessary, the outer edge of the basin (above the water surface) can be re-coated, for example tiled with mosaic tiles.

Feel free to ask other products according to your needs and applications. We represent high-quality acrylic hot tubs manufactured in Europe for smaller sites for both consumers and public use.

Special pools and customization

All our jacuzzi models are customizable. The shape of the pool can be customized according to the customer’s wishes. Other solutions, such as more steps, can also be added to the pools.

If necessary, we can design a completely unique spa or special pool for your needs. To start the project, we only need a preliminary sketch / outline.

Therapy pools are primarily designed for community and institutional therapy, such as rehabilitation facilities. The pools are custom made and fitted to the customer’s needs.
As with therapy pools, multipurpose pools and special pools are usually custom-designed and tailored to your needs.

Pool delivery

Our smallest basic models (Queen 2900 and Caribbean 3500) can be delivered in 2 parts if needed to facilitate transportation.

Our largest basic model (Ocean 4400), as well as therapy and other custom pools are always delivered at least in two parts.

Supplying the pools in parts facilitates transportation and installation in place. Joining parts is easy with factory pre-alignment.

If necessary, we also help with the installation.

Why choose a Pointman jacuzzi?

  • Our products are safe and high-quality
  • The products are designed to last the tough use of public spaces
  • Ergonomically designed design in the seat section
  • Energy efficient design
  • Pools can be customized if needed
  • Durable construction and good serviceability

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