3D printing

We 3D print plastic products both as individual pieces and in larger series. You can also print prototypes and spare parts through us.

As a printing technique, we use Fused Deposition Modeling or FDM technology, in which the filament is fused at the print head and applied to the substrate layer by layer. As it cools, the material hardens.

The largest printable size is 330 x 240 x 240 mm.

Start 3D printing

  • For printing, a 3D model is required in a commonly used file format such as .stp or .igs
  • If a 3D model is not available, the dimensions of the part to be printed are required
  • If an old part / model of the desired product remains, it can be used to produce a 3D model
  • The customer selects the color of the 3D printout and the desired plastic quality
  • We consult on the features of the finished 3D model according to the need for use

3D printing

A 3D printer makes physical objects from digital models. The FDM printer melts the plastic ribbon and sprays the ribbon into the desired shape in thin layers. 3D printed products made of plastic are strong, durable and compact.

3D printing can be used to quickly and cost-effectively produce shapes and surfaces that may not be possible with traditional product methods or are expensive to manufacture. Only the size and structural strength of the printable 3D product set their own limitations on production possibilities.

Product information is in digital form, which means that changes in design and product development can be made on a fast schedule.

Are you interested in 3D printig products?