Comprehensive after-sales service for our products


We want our products to be durable and serve our customers’ needs.

We have developed a service concept for the renovation and maintenance of products in public facilities. Product lifespan is longer and cleaning is easy on an intact and almost new surface.

Flexible after-sales service available

Services available:

  • Hot tub polishing service
  • Water slide polishing service

In addition to deep cleaning and waxing, we also perform surface repairs (eg scratches, clipping) on gelcoat / glass fiber surfaces. Wherever possible, the maintenance work can also be carried out at different times. During maintenance work, access to these activities is prohibited from customers. In addition, the work causes some noise nuisance.

Content of service packages in outline

  • Object cleaning / thorough washing
  • Visual inspection (scratches, cracks, yellowed or dirty surfaces, other defects on the surface)
  • Repair estimate of any items to be repaired and consultation with the customer. From these, we can make a separate offer if necessary
  • Repairing the above items
  • Deep cleaning of the water slide and polishing of the sliding surface with abrasive wax
  • Written summary of the measures taken

Are you interested in maintenance services?