TylöHelo Sauna Products

Pointman Oy is a distributor of high quality TylöHelo sauna products. Our versatile range includes steam baths, infrared saunas, and traditional saunas.

We also deliver compact, easy-to-install steam room assemblies that are quick to install even in a few days.


Pointman and TylöHelo

Pointman Oy has been an importer and exclusive distributor of Tylö products in Finland in 1991-2017. We deliver product solutions and entities to private customers as well as to corporate and public customers.

In 2018 we have also started to supply Helo products. With our long experience we are now able to offer a better selection of top quality sauna products. These form a product package that will serve the most demanding project needs, both on land and at sea projects.

In the future, we will offer an even wider product range and the best possible professional customer service.

Tylohelo sauna
TylöHelo saunat

History & Future

For a long time, the company has been two separate companies, Tylö from Sweden and Helo from Finland, but now they are TylöHelo.

The founder of Tylö, Sven-Olof Janson, was an electrician. In 1951 he accepted the challenge of a local businessman to build a cheaper but better sauna. Mr Janson apparently succeeded in his job.

Helo was founded in 1919 under the name of Karjalan Sähkö Oy in Vyborg, and the company’s first electric sauna stove was put into operation in 1949. In the 1960s, the company was renamed to Helo Factory, and it has been in its present location in Hanko ever since.

TylöHelo wants to be the world’s most popular premium sauna product manufacturer. Tylö wants to provide the best possible information, service and solutions for both private and corporate customers with regard to sauna and steam baths. This is done through continuous innovative action, aesthetics and quality.

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