Dip pool


Our product category also includes fiberglass reinforced dip pools, also known as cold pools.

The dip pool can be customized to the customer’s needs. The pool can be made in one or two colors, according to the RAL Classic color chart. It is possible to put an LED light in the dip pool. 

The depth of the standard dip pool is 1600 mm.

Healt benefits 

Regular use of a dip pool has been proven to have many healt benefits:

  • Resistance increases
  • Stress decreases
  • The quality of sleep improves
  • Recovery from sports performance is accelerated

Cold therapy helps to relieve the pain from strain injuries and inflamed joints, heat and swelling and calms inflammation.

The cold is also related to the body’s brown fat. The main function of brown fat is to burn energy into heat. It therefore consumes energy and produces heat at the same time. Cold activates and increases brown fat. It increases brown fat’s use of glucose so that more calories are burned.

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