Blue Water – water slides

Pointman’s own water sliding model, which gives freedom and alternatives to new and renovated sites. The slides are made entirely in Finland.

The Blue Water slide is designed for public use and complies with the SFS-EN water slide standard.
The collection is customizable for a variety of needs, for example, water slides can run indoors and outdoors.

Key Features

  • Made of fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Average slope depending on the location 11,5 – 13%
  • Color according to RAL Classic color chart
  • The start element has a steep drop that guarantees a good starting speed for slide
  • Width 1,1 m
  • Curved elements with a radius of 1,8 m or 2,4 m, with a high edge (1100 mm) as standard for improved sliding safety

Special components to integrate

  • The braking section when the slide does not fall directly into the pool
  • Covered tunnel section

Helsingin Uimastadion
Roiskesuoja vesiliukumäkiin

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In the staircase we have invested in safety. The water that accumulates on the surface of the staircase runs down the drainage path from the step where the risk of slipping is reduced.

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