Wood burning sauna heaters Kastor

There is something very special about a wood burning sauna. Kastor’s wood burning stoves are famous for their first class quality. The company Kastor Oy, was founded in the winter of 1916 and is the oldest sauna brand in Finland.

Available stoves are Kastor Saga, Karhu and Karhu pata heaters.

Product Installation Size (WxDxH) Colour
Saga 22 / 22 T Floor 600x585x825 Dark grey
Saga 30 / 30 T Floor 675x585x930 Dark grey
Karhu 22 / 22 T Floor 450x485x785 Dark grey
Karhu 22 VO / 22 VV Floor 620x485x785 Dark grey
Karhu 30 / 30 T Floor 490x485x915 Dark grey
Karhu 30 VO / 30 VV Floor 660x485x915 Dark grey
Karhu 40 / 40 T Floor 580x585x925 Dark grey
Karhu 40 VO / 40 VV Floor 740x585x925 Dark grey
Karhu Pata 60 water heater Floor 410x570x775 Dark grey

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