Ready-made sauna rooms

Impression sauna room is a modular product group where you can choose the right entity for your business needs. With a variety of floor plans and layouts, it is easy to find a solution that suits everyone.

The saunas in the Impression series are available in three different models, each with a choice of different sizes: Impression, Impression Twin and Impression Corner.

The Impression Twin is a great choice if you need a steam room connected to the sauna room.

Technical information:

Impression: min 1325×925 mm, max 1725×1325 mm. Height 2090 mm.

Impression Twin: min 1855×1325 mm, max 3055×1325 mm. Height 2090 mm.

Impression Corner: min 1095×1495 mm, max 1895×1495 mm. Heights 2090 mm.

In addition, each model needs a 100 mm accessory for installation space.

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