The SUN product range of TylöHelo’s infrared rooms offers a very pleasant feeling of deep penetrating sunbeams on your skin. The compact dimensions and very low energy consumption of the Sun infrared rooms make them a versatile solution for a pleasant experience, regardless of space or budget. The Sun range is available in 7 different floor plans. The infrared rooms have the most advanced infrared panels on the market and very low EMR / EF radiation. All model options have a touch-screen control center for setting the time and temperature of infrared treatments. The control center also controls lighting and other functions.

Sun S Sain Square 913x913x1938 1400 Watt
Sun S Cottage Rectangular 1013x1213x1938 1500 Watt
Sun S Pavillon Rectangular 1078x1633x1938 2000 Watt
Sun S Palace Corner 1513x1513x1938 2100 Watt
Sun S Bellevue Rectangular 1078x1813x1938 2000 Watt
Sun S Residence Square 1438x1813x1938 2001 Watt
Sun S Chateau Corner 1301x1301x1938 2002 Watt

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