Infrared panels

Infrared panels create a warm atmosphere in the sauna faster. TylöHelo’s infrared panels are covered either with a wooden cloth or glass. The panels covered in wood and fabric create a softer feel, so you can lean on them comfortably without burning yourself.

Infrared panels can be installed to complement a traditional sauna or in a room with a complete infrared sauna function.

The dimensions of the fabric infrared panel are 980×360 mm / 980×680 mm. Power either 150 W or 300 W. Infrared panels are controlled by the Elite control panel via the contactor housing Commercial Lite or heater.

The dimensions of the glass infrared panel are 910x310x31 mm. The power is 900 W. The color of the glass is either black or gray. The IR panel can be finished with a backrest made of black alder. The backrest is ordered separately. The backrest improves sitting comfort and ensures a suitable distance between the back and the heating elements.

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