Why do we use fiberglass to make our products?

Pointman uses fiberglass, a very narrow glass fiber material, to make its products. Our products are glass fiber reinforced plastic. Fiberglass is well suited for making spa pools and slides because of its excellent moisture resistance. Keeping surfaces exposed to mechanical stress (such as the outer surface of the spa tub) clean and any surface damages are repaired well in advance, the product is almost maintenance free.

Product manufacturing starts with making the mold according to the customer’s needs. Our products are always handmade. The gelcoat coating is first applied to the mold to create a clean and smooth outer surface. On this coating, the required amount of fiberglass is laminated to make the body of the product stiff and durable.

We use especially water-resistant resins in our production. Once sufficient layer strength has been achieved and, if necessary, the piece is stiffened with individually laminated profiles, the product is removed from the mold. The product is then inspected and finalized.

Did you know:

  • Fiberglass does not rust
  • Fiberglass is frost resistant
  • Fiberglass can be dyed
  • Fiberglass is resistant to UV radiation
  • Fiberglass lasts nearly lifetime
  • Unbroken gelcoat surface is easy to keep clean
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