Here you can see the water treatment system for our next ship project being built. The blue tanks in the picture are sand filters for the jacuzzi.

The function of sand filters is to purify the water before it is fed into the jacuzzi. The water passes from the top to the bottom of the sand filter, leaving the mechanical impurities in the sand. The filtered water is discharged into the basin. It is also important to keep the sand filters clean. You can do this by doing backwash. In backwash, the water is passed through the sand filter from the bottom upwards, whereupon the mechanical impurities rise from the sand surface. Impurities are removed to the sewage system after flushing the filters.

Soon, our product line will grow with the new AFM® glass, designed to replace traditional sand in sand filters. AFM® is an activated filter material made from refined green glass. The product can be used to replace sand in all types of sand filters. The advantage of AFM® glass is that it does not wear out in the same way as sand and remains better clean.

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