Steam shower

Tylö Impression brings a steam shower and a steam sauna in one package. This steam shower is a very practical alternative for a small space, as Tylö Impression provides a high-quality spa experience in a space of up to 1.3 m². The product conceals a combination of shower and steam bath, which produces 100% moisture and pleasant warmth and relaxation for the whole body. The built-in steam generator produces pleasant humidity and heat with a power of up to 4.5 kW. High-quality, finished materials such as aluminum, glass and high-gloss acrylic give a luxurious and durable impression, without visible screws. The color option is either a white or black aluminum frame.

The larger Panacea steam shower is featured under the Steam Rooms -product range.

Impression i110  Square 1 125 x 1 125 Min 2 090
Max 2 200
Impression i130  Square 925×1325 Min 2 090
Max 2 200
Impression i170  Square 925×1725 Min 2 090
Max 2 200

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