Steam shower

Tylö offers smart solutions that allow you to transform your current shower or create a healthy steam bath experience in a small space. There are two high – quality steam shower models to choose from: Panacea or Vista.

Panacea’s stylish design is characterized by several innovative design elements. Both the door and the large glass surfaces are grayscale and are seamlessly embedded in an extremely durable and glossy Corian® material, creating a solid and stable impression. The matte black, minimalist frames of the Vista steam shower create a modern and luxurious atmosphere in your bathroom. You can select thresholds for frames or leave them without thresholds. Smoke-gray glass walls create a graphic look to the space. You can control your Vista steam shower with an advanced Elite Cloud control panel that blends perfectly with the black Stella column. You can choose the left or right angle of the glass when viewed from the front.

Size mm (DxWxH) Control panel
Steam Vista 130 900x1300x2130 Elite Cloud
Steam Vista 160 900x1600x2130 Elite Cloud
Panacea 1309 Number of sizes Pure/Elite
Panacea 1709 1725x925x2090 Pure/Elite

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