Control panels

Control a sauna or a steam room with an intelligent control panel. You can choose either Pure or Elite Cloud control panel.

Pure combines simplicity and functionality. The control panel is operated with a convenient touch screen and is compatible with both sauna and steam rooms. Specially designed for seamless cooperation with Tylö and Helo sauna heaters. The versatile design of Pure control panel allows it to be installed inside or outside a sauna or steam room.

Control panel Elite Cloud has been updated with cloud-based functionality so you can control your sauna from anywhere.  It is packed with advanced features, thanks to its internal processor and operating system. In addition to highly personalized settings, the Elite Cloud can be individually programmed according to your own schedule. Add features such as auxiliary fans, fragrance pumps or lights – the Elite Cloud control panel handles it all with clear and concise precision. The 4.5-inch touch screen delivers real-time status on every aspect of your sauna and steam bath. Needs to be completed with a door contact for cloud functionality.

In addition to the control panel, a relay box is required.

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