AFM® (Activated Filter Material) glass sold by Welldana in Denmark is now available through Pointman Oy. AFM® glass saves the environment because the filters do not need as much water for backwashing as when washing ordinary sand filter sand.

AFM® is an activated filter material made of recycled green glass. The product is a substitute for sand in all types of sand filters. AFM® glass was developed by Dr. Howard Dryden, founder of Dryden Aqua Ltd. He is one of the world’s leading experts in sustainable water treatment.

AFM® is a major product that improves filtration capacity by more than 30 percent. The special active surface of AFM® glass grains keeps itself sterile and thus the adhesion of bacteria and the formation of a biofilm on the glass surface. This way, the filter channels are not blocked and the filtering efficiency remains the same.

The benefits of AFM® are:

  • It can replace the filter sand – it will never need to be replaced
  • AFM® glass has a lower filtration rate which means less chlorine is consumed
  • Less water is used in backwashing because AFM® glassgrains do not wear out in the same way as ordinary sand filter sand
  • No trichloramine, chlorine odor,  biofilm or Legionella
  • Absorbs and filters impurities from water and makes water crystal clear


  • For private use, AFM® requires: 70% way 1 glass and 30% class 2 glass
  • For public use: 70% type 1 glass, 15% class 2 and 15% 3 glass

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